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Great Vintage Jewelry

West Germany 1950s Vintage Necklace Honey Pearls w Shells (12733)


Honey Pearl Necklace w Brown Shells West Germany 1950s Jewelry

This is want West German jewelry designers could do when they really wanted to go all out ! This necklace has some of the wildest West German beads you will ever see!

Pearly white plastic sea shells were not enough for this design. The shells are spaced one by one with plastic wafers in pearly light peach or honey. The clear plastic wafers are translucent dark chocolate brown. To be technical, the beads have a Lucite look the way the are thickly shaped and molded but they are in fact old thermoset plastic.

The necklace is chunky with refreshing unusual colors from the 1955-1965 period. The strands are thick at 3/4" wide. The matching faceted dome clasp is a great finish to the strands and is signed West Germany. The shortest strand is 21 1/2" long and the longest strand is 24 1/2" long.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box. 

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