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SOLD Antique Art Deco Earrings 1920s Black n Clear Glass Pyramids (15071)

Art Deco Earrings

Antique Art Deco Earrings 1920s Black n Clear Glass Pyramids

Made in the 1920s, these Art Deco black and clear glass dangle earrings are a rare old style as the beads are pyramid shaped glass and the earrings are signed Western Germany. You can read the description of the earrings below, but I have something to else to say about these earrings.

Sometime during or shortly after WWII, a young lady saw these earrings in a window display in a jewelry store in West Germany and had to have them. I wonder who she was, if she had the money to buy them, and what occasion were they for?  Did she spend her entire weeks paycheck to get them ? Or, perhaps an American soldier was sweet on her and bought them for her. There is nostalgia and a feeling if warmth I get with these earrings.

The bad news is we will never know the lady who owned them. The good news is she kept the earrings in great shape and you too will get the same sense of mysterious nostalgia when you put the earrings on your ears.

The large clear glass elongated bicone dangle at the bottom is made of two clear faceted pyramid beads with a faceted black glass disk bead at the center. The dangle is topped with one clear and one black glass pyramid bead as well as a faceted black glass round button at the ear post. There are some tiny air bubbles in the clear glass beads that add extra sparkle.

The earrings are screw backs and are made of silver metal. Medium petite in length, the earrings are 2" or 50 mm long. The large 3 part bead is 17.5 mm long x 10 mm wide.

Both earrings are in superb condition with no imperfections or flaws. The earrings are microscopically clean and bright and the pair is not signed. All of the glass beads have strong facets with no wear and there are no chips, cracks, or scratches.

I should also not that on one earring, one of the black glass pyramids has what looks like a tiny flea bite on an edge ( only visible under a loupe) but upon close inspection it is simply a slight jagged speck created when the glass came out of the mold.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

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