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Great Vintage Jewelry

Gold Nugget Vintage Cufflinks w Tigers Eye 1960s Jewelry (15076)


Vintage Cufflinks Tigers Eye in Gold Nugget 1960s Mens Jewelry

Made in the 1960's, these vintage mens cufflinks have gold nugget frames with large oval Tigers Eye gemstone cabs.  

In my 40 years of collecting antique and vintage jewelry, perfect like new condition is the aspect I seek the most. I've never cared much for Tigers Eye jewelry of any kind, unless the jewelry itself is very well made and unique. There's something nostalgic about nice, quality Tigers Eye jewelry that takes me back to my hippie days when it was so popular; and men used to actually wear jewelry.

The cufflinks are not signed but they styling look like that of Hickok. Both cufflinks are in pristine microscopically clean like new condition and have obviously never been worn.

However, they are discount priced because I see one minor little imperfection. Down inside one of the Tigers Eye cabs are three tiny specks. They are slight imperfections down inside the Tigers Eye and can hardly be seen with the naked eye. You can see it in my close up photos. It is not on the surface; they are specks of grit or mica inside the Tigers Eye itself. Told you I was picky! I guess Tigers Eye can never be as perfect as I want it to be!

The face of the cufflinks are 7/8" or 23 mm wide.
Comes shipped in a new luxury presentation cufflink box as pictured.

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