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COOL ! Lime Green Glass Bead Bracelet Torsade Wrap (13101)


Lime Green Glass Bead Bracelet Torsade Wrap

You can call these sensational crystal tube beads bright lime green or electric Peridot, but either way, the beads sparkle and shimmer with amazing brilliance in this trendy hue! 

This torsade wrap bracelet made in India in the early 1990s when this color started to make a big come back. The electric green color is stunning with black or white apparel. The bracelet is made of 33 strands and is 3/4" wide. Overall, the bracelet is 8" long and is fastened with a brass metal repousse bead and a gold silk corded loop.

You can wear this bracelet in one of two ways, You can wrap it around your wrist so the strands lay flat, or you can twist the strands for a torsade look.  The bracelet is in new condition and has never been worn.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

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