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Great Vintage Jewelry

Big Blue Orchid Flower Earrings 1960s Austrian Vintage Jewelry (12892)

Big Flower Earrings Blue Orchids 1960s Austrian Vintage Jewelry

Vinatage Flower Earrings Big Blue Orchids 1960s Austrian Jewelry  

These unique orchid flower earrings are old new stock and come with their original card that is imprinted Made in Austria.

These dreamy satin flowers are clip earrings and they are very large. They measure 2 1/8" tall x 2 1/4" wide. You can get a better indication of size by looking at the photo of the earrings in my hand. 1960s Austrian flower earrings like these are very hard to find today. They were only made for a year or two.

How the earrings were made is rather complicated, but I can explain it in simple terms. The flower petals were mold cast. The petals are a very light weight clear celluloid plastic that is hard and rigid. The petals were not individually molded and there are two different molds, one on top and one on bottom that are glued together. The bottom layer is all one mold. When the plastic came out of the mold, it was dipped in an acid etching liquid that gives the petals a frosted look. After the earrings were assembled, each flower was air brushed with soft stain paint by hand.

The earrings are not signed. Just the card is signed. The earrings are in perfect condition and have never been worn. The paper cards are tattered and torn and in poor condition.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

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