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Great Vintage Jewelry

3D Rainbow Mirror Vintage Cufflinks 1970s Jewelry (14006)

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3D Rainbow Mirror Vintage Cufflinks 1970s Jewelry

From the 1970s, these unusual Pop Art vintage cufflinks are reflective Kaleidoscope silver metal. They look like a compact disk but in the 1970s, they were made to look like a 78 lp record album.

This 3D kaleidoscope mirror metal was experimental and very few jewelry items were ever made like this. The cufflinks are about the size of  US quarter, or 1" or 2.5 cm wide. The cufflinks are not signed but I do know these refraction disks were made by Edmund Scientific many years ago.

The cufflinks have never been worn and have been safely tucked away since the 1970s. Both are in excellent clean condition. There are some very tiny and microscopic, scant and light scratches not really visible to the naked eye. The light wear can only be seen up close if you hold the disks at a right angle to bright light. 

Comes shipped in a new cufflink presentation box.

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