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Antique Copper Jewelry and Vintage Copper Jewelry

by Veronica McCullough
Great Vintage Jewelry

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Vintage Copper Jewelry is an all time favorite of mine to collect and wear.My web site Great Vintage Jewelry has a selection of antique and vintage copper jewelry, many from designers such as Renoir, Matisse, Rebajes, Rame, Copper Craft Guild, Morley Crimi, Martha Kluz, Inga, Virgil Cantini, Bell Copper and more.

Copper jewelry not being produced anymore at all for the most part in any country, as it has become too expensive to be considered profitable. What copper that is being produced today is nothing like the quality of old copper.

The value of old copper plumbing in houses that were built prior to the 1960s is staggering. There are recyclers in this country that pay premium prices for any type of old copper parts from cars, refrigerators, heaters and more.

No where in the world that I know of can you buy solid copper like old copper. New copper has a rather high aluminum content and is a different color and density. You simply cannot go anywhere in the world and buy old copper items like the items that were made prior to the mid 1960s. For this reason, old solid copper jewelry is a great investment as copper prices are constantly on the rise, not to mention the fact the signed designer pieces are very collectible.
I started out wearing old copper jewelry simply because I like the way it looks. I don’t care if you are a blonde, a brunette, or a red head, copper jewelry looks great on women and men. In the 1940’s through the 1960’s, men wore a lot of copper jewelry and many old designs are unisex in nature.

At any age or if you are athletic, or if you have reached that age where your body doesn’t work like it used to, I cant stress the importance of copper jewelry enough. For about a year before I started wearing copper, I tried those new magnetic bracelets to ease pain in my joints and they simply do not work. What I discovered is it is not the magnetism that has any effect, but the low grade of copper within these bracelets that alleviates joint pain and stiffness.
Have carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis in your hands ? Wear a copper bracelet to bed for just one night, and I assure you that in the morning, the pain will be gone or significantly reduced.

I used to be very athletic and for 16 years I was a professional scuba diver. The effects of long term scuba diving are very damaging in many ways. Aching joints, muscle aches, and head aches were my biggest problems. For the past 10 years I have worn vintage copper jewelry every other day and I have discovered that almost all my symptoms have disappeared. I don’t wear copper everyday, and sometimes I only wear it only a few hours, but I wear it at least three times a week for about 4-6 hours each time. I find that wearing necklaces and bracelets works the best. I have also noticed that my skin is not as dry as it used to be. Since I moved from FL to NC, Ive battled itchy dry skin with every lotion on the planet.

Have you noticed in the stores that some of the most expensive facial lotions contain copper ? Copper is an essential element our bodies need. I feel that had I been accustomed to wearing copper jewelry my whole life, the problems I have may not have been problems at all. We simply do not ingest enough copper in our diets anymore. There is a whole world of information to learn about copper, and a good site to read is Look for the blue link that says Copper & Human Health.

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