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Great Vintage Jewelry | About Me

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Great Vintage Jewelry is celebrating 20 yrs online !

vintage earringsMy name is Veronica and Ive been a researcher, writer, collector, and appraiser of antique jewelry and designer vintage jewelry for 40 yrs. Ive also been a collector of many other antique and vintage wares I offer for sale here as well.

I work my website full time as it is my passion. I do not list my items on other websites. I add new listings here on a regular basis. All of my listings include detailed photos and descriptions with as much historical info as possible.

If you would like an email alert when items have been listed to the New Listings category, you can add your email address  : Click here to get alerts for new listings.

I greatly appreciate all my regular customers and your business means alot to me !
Thank you for your business and for your support ! If you have any questions, please email me HERE

gold earringsI do not and have never collected jewerly to sell it. This is my personal private collection of my own tastes and experiences; places Ive been, people Ive known. It is jewelry Ive collected for me and for investment purposes over the past 40 yrs. I am not a jewelry dealer; I am a jewelry collector and historian.

I developed this website myself 20 yrs ago and in that time, I have read and studied many books, written articles and in periodicials, and collaborated on several jewelry books. In the past I have also done appraisals and restorations  for my customers world wide.

It is more important for me to convey the important historical context of jewelry history than to find something that you are looking for exactly. Antique and designer vintage jewelry is not just something you buy to match an outfit or occasion. I sell to collectors mainly for the purpose of investment. Having been a collector over 40 yrs, it is important to remember that as a collector, your tastes and styles will change and expand.


designer vintage jewelryMy site is for personal collector jewelry investment and special gifts. This is a discriminating 40 yr jewelry collection of special pieces that have exceptional importance to fashion and designer history that represents value. Antique and vintage jewelry from around the world has signficant investment value in the collector arena. It always appreciates if kept in good condition.

All of the items in my collection are unique special treasures for you or a loved one.  And with that, please consider your purchases carefully. I am not a import jewelry store that sells mass production items. I am selling my life long collection, for keeps.  In the future I will no longer be selling from my online site. I intend to take my collection on the road to sell at special venues and events.

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I accept returns only if the item was signficantly not as described. Buyer is responsible to pay return shipping and insurance. There is a 25% return fee to cover my costs of shipping, insurance, and restocking that applies to both refunds or in store credits. All returns must be reported within 48 hrs of receiving the shipment per the tracking and delivery info. You may email, call or text. This information is on invoice in each shipment.

If the item was damaged during shipping, it does not need to be returned.  Report it within 48 hrs of delivery. Take good clear photos of the damaged item and all damage to the packaging. An insurance claim will be filed on your behalf for full reimbursement of the item. You may email, call or text to report the issue. This information is on invoice in each shipment.